DGT: Distributed Generation Trip Control

Distributed Generation Trip Controls (DGT) are wireless communication devices used in applications that require transferring of trip signals from Power Distribution Utility Substations or Recloser Sites to multiple (1-7) Distributed Generators interconnected to the distribution grid. DGT is a wireless Transfer Trip solution that enables fast and secure disconnect of multiple distributed generators from the electrical power system. The Digital Energy DGT delivers a cost effective and long range Transfer Trip capability for enhanced safety, utmost reliability, and maximum asset protection.

DGT Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective wireless and transfer trip solution
  • Transfers trip and status confirmation faster than standard breaker reclose time
  • Reliable and secure long distance transfer trip to multiple Distributed Generators
  • Extremely resistant to interference due to frequency hopping spread spectrum technology
  • Packaged and engineered system tested to industry standards
  • Suitable for direct outdoor application


  • Transfer trip issued from up to 2 locations on the feeder-substation and recloser site
  • Point-to-multipoint transfer trip issued to a maximum of 7 Distributed Generation sites
  • Trip status of DG sites transferred back to utility substation and recloser site


  • Separate set-up software based on user application
  • Single click option for quick connect to devices provides real-time feedback on device status
  • Single step configuration for DG owner


  • Secure communication: frequency hopping spread spectrum technology
  • High speed: transfer trip in 30 msec
  • Long distance: 30 mile range with repeater
  • Reliable communication: 32 bit CRC
  • Unlicensed operation in the 902-928 ISM band
  • 100% tested for RF performance -40°C to 60°C
  • High sensitivity: -106 dBM at 1x10-6 bit error rate


A DGT-U is a trip control device implemented at the Utility Substation for transferring wireless trip signals to remote DG sites (up to 7 sites) and receiving status notifications back from each DG site after a trip operation has been completed. The transfer trip timing is 30 milliseconds.


A DGT-R is a repeater device installed at or near the Utility Substation for coordinating wireless communication among the Utility and its various generation sites. In a point-to-multipoint system, all communication is coordinated through the DGT-R unit in order to achieve a maximum distance of 30 miles and communicate with multiple generation sites.


A DGT-D is a trip control needed at the Distributed Generation site for receiving trip signals from the Utility Substation and sending a wireless status notification back to the Substation after a trip operation has been performed. The disconnect status transmit timing is less than 150 milliseconds.

DGT System

The DGT-U, DGT-R, and DGT-D control devices are completely packaged units that include the appropriate DGT transceivers, power supply, necessary input and output terminations, antenna jumper cable and lighting protection in a weather resistant and lockable NEMA 4 enclosure. The only connections required are for primary power, wiring to external devices (where necessary) and external antenna cable. All wiring connections are made within the enclosure, leaving no connections exposed to environmental factors. DGT units are designed to be installed in a wall mount or pole mount configuration.

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