LEDR Series: Scalable Long Range Licensed Point-to-Point Solutions

The LEDRâ„¢ Series (composed of the LEDR 400, LEDR 900, or LEDR 1400 MHz point-to-point radios) provides full duplex and scalable bandwidth in both sub-rate and full-rate models. Designed to connect to industry-standard sources, the LEDR Series is available in protected configurations with displays, integrated web servers, and management systems.

LEDR Series Key Benefits:

  • Deployment flexibility gained with multiple frequency options
  • Scalable throughput based on channel size desired and selectable modulation (64-768 kbps sub-rate and up to 8.192 Mbps full-rate)
  • Long range resulting from excellent sensitivity (-102 dBm sub-rate and -89 dBM full-rate) and licensed support in propagation-friendly frequencies
  • Highly robust communications with forward error correction (FEC), interleaver, and adaptive equalizer

Private Network

  • One time investment; no recurring leased fees
  • Single cost-effective solution for voice and data (E1/T1)
  • Dedicated bandwidth (not sharing with other outside users)
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) "chain of custody" control. Not dependent on external NOC

Flexible Configuration

  • Optional interfaces for direct communication to fractional E1/T1 or full E1s
  • Optional 1+1 hot standby protected configuration
  • Optional space diversity
  • Configurable for multiple frequency ranges including 300 MHz to 512 MHz, 800 MHz to 960 MHz, and 1350 MHz to 1535 MHz

Advanced Management

  • Front panel displays for easy maintenance and link monitoring
  • Built-in NMS element manager
  • SNMP network management for Fault, configuration, performance, and security management
  • Integrated HTML web server allows network wide management via the Internet
  • Built-in 9600 bps data service channel
  • Local loop-back and remote loop-back
  • 8 Relay alarm contacts per radio
  • DTMF compatible order wire

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