Mercury Series: Industrial WiMAX Networking. LAN Extension / Mobile and Fixed Long Range

Mercury Series™ is a highly secure industrial-grade WiMAX platform for mission-critical, industrial, and public safety applications; including: AMI, SCADA, Distributed Automation devices, video, Voice over Internet Protocol, mobile data, and intranet applications. Aggregate Ethernet throughput up to 9 Mbps (or 800 kbps for nomadic mobile deployments), and a choice of frequencies. MDS Mercury Series has the capacity, service prioritization, and deployment flexibility to facilitate your immediate and long-term requirements.

Mercury Series Key Benefits:

  • WiMAX technology for high speed, long range point-to-multipoint communications
  • Prevents unauthorized network access and secures data as it is transmitted over the air
  • Rugged solution for operation in extreme temperature ranges and hazardous locations
  • Reduces required infrastructure and simplifies deployment and maintenance
  • Supports existing PLCs and RTUs with comprehensive serial protocol support
  • Optional second Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi and USB ports for greater application flexibility
  • Multi-use, industrial infrastructure
  • More deterministic deployments. Provides channel selection options to permit using the clearest channels in a given area, which facilitates optimized and more consistent throughput and latencies.
  • Networking Flexibility
  • Secure Communications

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